International Tours

Renshinkan England is committed to expanding student’s karate experience as much as possible.  We believe that central to our understanding of ‘karate-do’ (the way), is a knowledge and experience of as many cultures as possible.  As it is Soke Iwao Tamotsu’s stated aim to spread peace and understanding across the world through the use of Renshinkan karate, and the correct education and inspiration of the future generations, we endeavour to provide this opportunity for all of our students.

Japan Tours

The dream of every student is to visit headquarters and train with Soke in Kagoshima, Japan.  This opportunity is usually timed with the National/International Tournaments held in August of every year. 

Students who wish to achieve their dream must first be prepared to undertake considerable additional training in order to prepare them for competition in kumite and kata, as well as for performance in the England Embu (display) Team. 

International Tournaments

Renshinkan International Tournaments take place every five years.  They are a fabulous experience for Sensei and students and help us enormously in our drive for excellence.  In order to prepare for these massive events, students are encouraged to sign up for specialist squad training which takes place every Thursday evening.

We have competed in Japan 2010 and Taiwan 2015.   We excelled in 2015, taking a team of 38 competitors and achieving two quarter final placements in kata and kumite. 

The next major tour will be to Japan in 2019, when we hope to take a team of 50.

Additional Tours 

We have also sent students to train in Finland.  Such experiences are only open to the truly committed, and must only be undertaken once Soke and Kyoshi Julia have given their full approval.