We supply karate suits (dogi), kumite(free sparring) equipment and some England Renshinkan sweatshirts and t-shirts.

Clothing Order Form: Dogi Order Request Form


Children are recommended to purchase the lightweight dogi with school badges.

Children’s sizes start from 110-150cms, thereafter adult sizes apply.

Adult Dogi are fully embroidered, and do not require the purchase of school badges.   Adults are recommended to purchase the Silver Tournament, which is a good starter gi and has the added advantage of being particularly hard wearing.  Heavyweight dogi’s  also come in half sizes.

Sizing Your Gi

Children should order at least one size bigger than their current height.

Adults should size at least 1/2 size bigger if they are purchasing a heavyweight, and one size bigger if they are purchasing a lightweight.

All students should be aware that dogi’s are seized on height only.  Sizes should be increased to take into account more heavyset students.  Additionally, dogi’s do shrink, and should be washed in 30 degrees only and not placed in the tumble drier.

Kumite Equipment (Bogu) & Weapons (Kobudo)

Kumite Equipment  & Weapons Order Form: Shop Kumite Kobudo Order Form

Protective Equipment is required for all those sparring from 6th Kyu onwards.  This equipment is divided up into the following age groups-Junior, Intermediate and Adult.  Those Intermediates+ who are serious about sparring (and want the safest equipent) are strongly recommended to purchase the full Japanese Bogu, ordered via Julia Kyoshi and Japan Headquarters.

Beginners and Childern's Sparring Gear
Intermediate and Adult Sparring Gear
Japanese Sparring Gear


Weapons may only be practised/ordered by registered Renshinkan black belts.

Bo (Staff), 5′ or 6′.  Bo case – obligatory if you are purchasing a Bo.  Please note that weapons are not allowed to be carried in full view of the general public.

Tonfa black or wood. Standard or Large(for tall students!). 

Branded Goods

Branded Goods Order Form: Branded Goods Order Form


Black/Red Shorinjiryu Renshinkan England hoodies.  Ideal as over-gi or for camps etc.  Designed by Ajit, they are superb quality with embroidery front and back.

Children’s Sizes, 7-11 years

Adult Sizes, Small, Medium, Large, XL.


Same colours and design as hoodies.

Adult Sizes Only, Small, Medium Large, X Large, XXL.


Black T Shirts with white trimming on the sleeves.  These t shirts are a one off, with Soke Sensei’s calligraphy of ‘do’ which was a gift to Shihan Julia in 2009.

Adult Size – Small, Medium, Large.