Julia Turley

Main Location: Sussex, England
Julia has been practising since 1983, and is graded to 6th Dan.  She founded and developed Renshinkan England and continues to lead the school in this country and serve the International Organisation in Japan- an undertaking which requires her full-time commitment.  She has a deep love of karate and is particularly passionate about inspiring and enabling children to become kind, caring, compassionate and responsible young citizens.

 Julia has trained in Japan regularly since commencing her practice and has led groups to train/compete in Japan and Europe every two years.  She has also assisted the International organisation by introducing several new countries to Soke Iwao Tamotsu. She is the only female Honbucho in the world organisation.
She teaches in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Ardingly and Turners Hill, a total of 12 sessions a week.
Julia loves to read – books on politics, zen, history and leadership are her particular favourites.  She is also a keen tennis player, serves voluntarily on a local government sports committee, and loves music particularly Bruce Springsteen.

Noel Silverman

Sensei Noel is a father of two who has been practising karate since 2001 and is graded to 3rd Dan. His son Toby achieved 1st Dan, whilst only 12 years old, in 2008. Sensei Noel has been teaching karate since 2005, initially at Ardingly College Dojo where he taught for 5 years. He subsequently launched his own dojo in Ditchling, East Sussex in June 2006 – this Dojo has so far produced 5 Black belt students. Since 2011 he has lead the Scaynes Hill dojo on behalf of Kyoshi Julia. He trained in Japan in 2006 and looks forward to returning regularly to Japan throughout his training career. Sensei Noel led a small training delegation to Finland in 2012 and also competed at the 2015 International Tournament in Taiwan. He loves teaching karate and generating passion and enthusiasm for Shorinjiryu Renshinkan. He particularly enjoys performing and perfecting kata and is enthralled with learning intricate technical details of all kata.

Gemma Stockford

Gemma is a mother of four grown-up children who has been practising since 2002 and is graded to 2nd Dan. All her children practised karate and she followed their footsteps into training at the time when her son achieved Shodan. In 2011 she established Renshinkan Hassocks women’s dojo and over the last years has enjoyed sharing the skills and gifts of karate with her students, of whom she is very proud.

She has twice visited Japan to train with the school. Finding a greater understanding of not only body but also mind and spirit through karate has been a life changing experience. In particular, she appreciates the ongoing development of an understanding of living in the moment and persistent striving for improvement without reservation.
The path of training is unending, full of unexpected pleasures as well as new challenges. Gemma loves the privilege of teaching students which helps her on her own journey. It is a great joy to watch a student overcome a challenge and to feel that one has had a part in their endeavours.
Gemma is a doctor in Brighton and uses many of the skills learnt in karate both in new challenges at work and in following her passion for playing the saxophone.

Cameron Ireland

Cameron has been practising Shorinjiryu Renshinkan for over 13 years and is graded to 2nd Dan.  He opened the Danehill Dojo in September 2012 to give families within the community the opportunity to learn and train together and is now in his fifth year. Cameron has travelled to Japan, and Taiwan with fellow students from the UK and has formed a deep respect, commitment and loyalty to the whole Renshinkan family worldwide.  Cameron enjoys all the various elements of karate, particularly the technical and mental aspects associated with teaching the wide age range we have in the school.

Tom Abbosh

Tom commenced his, training with Kyoshi Julia Turley at the age of ten, and has over 13 years behind him. He is graded to 3rd Dan. He has competed in international tournaments and attended many in-depth seminars in the UK and Japan with the Grand Master, Soke Sensei Iwao Tamotsu.
He has recently opened his London dojo with a strong passion to support Renshinkan England and to inspire future generations with Soke Iwao Tamotsu’s vision of creating strong but kind citizens of the world.
He’s particularly interested in the technical aspects of kata and the benefits such practice has on its karateka (practitioners).London Dojo