Julia Turley Kyoshi

Main Location: Sussex, England

Julia has been practising since 1983, and is graded to 6th Dan. She founded and developed Renshinkan England and continues to lead the school in this country and serve the International Organisation in Japan- an undertaking which requires her full-time commitment. She has a deep love of karate and is particularly passionate about inspiring and enabling children to become kind, caring, compassionate and responsible young citizens. Sensei Julia has trained in Japan regularly since commencing her practice and has led groups to train/compete in Japan and Europe every two years. She has also assisted the International organisation by introducing several new countries to Soke Iwao Tamotsu. She is the only female Honbucho in the world organisation.

She teaches in Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Ardingly and Turners Hill, and leads the competitive training arm of the school, which competes every 4 years in Japan.

Cameron Ireland Sensei

Cameron Sensei is the Chairman of Renshinkan England with a special responsibility for governance and international development.

Cameron has been practising Shorinjiryu Renshinkan for over 13 years and is graded to 3rd Dan.  He opened the Danehill Dojo in September 2012 to give families within the community the opportunity to learn and train together and is now in his fifth year. Cameron has travelled to Japan and Taiwan with fellow students from the UK and has formed a deep respect, commitment and loyalty to the whole Renshinkan family worldwide.  Cameron enjoys all the various elements of karate, particularly the technical and mental aspects associated with teaching the wide age range we have in the school.

Tom Abbosh Sensei

Tom commenced his training with Julia Turley Shihan, at the age of 10, and has 14 years+ of training experience. He is graded to 3rd Dan. He has competed in multiple national and international tournaments and attended many in-depth seminars in the UK and Japan with Grand Masters-Soke Sensei’s Iwao and YuzoTamotsu’s.

Tom is leader of all London dojo’s as well as Julia Turley’s 2IC.

Tom has a strong passion to both support, and one day lead Renshinkan GB, whilst inspiring future generations with Julia Shihan’s vision of creating strong but kind citizens of the world.  Tom was Julia shihan’s ‘right hand man’ during the 2019 tour of Japan, and is looking forward to 2023’s tour.

Tom has held multiple national titles over the years and is particularly committed to Kata and Kobudo practice.

Jamie Shuck Sensei
Jamie Shuck Sensei

Jamie Shuck started training at the age of 7 and achieved his shodan 6 years later. Jamie is currently sandan, having been awarded that grade by Soke Sensei Yuzo Tamotsu (10th Dan) at headquarters in Kagoshima, Japan in 2019. Jamie competed in the world championships in 2019, in Fukuoka , Japan.
Jamie is passionate about Kata, having achieved a Great Britain Men’s Kata title in 2019.

Simon Bosher Sensei
Simon Bosher Sensei

Simon Bosher commenced his training at the age of 10, achieving his shodan in 2011. Simon has been working alongside Julia Kyoshi to hone both his technical and teaching abilities since 2011, achieving his nidan (2nd Dan) in 2014 under Soke Iwao Tamotsu, and sandan (3rd Dan) under Soke Yuzo Tamotsu. He has held multiple Kata titles over the years and competed twice internationally, earning a quarter-final place in the Kata competition in 2015. With vast experience of planning for, managing and teaching classes of all sizes and ages, Simon hopes that his knowledge, skill and enthusiasm will inspire his students in the same way his sensei have inspired him.’

Tom French Sensei
Tom French Sensei

Tom French commenced training under Julia Shihan in 2005 at the age of 7, and his shodan(1st Dan) in 2012. Tom is currently sandan (3rd Dan), having been awarded that grade by Soke Sensei Yuzo Tamotsu (10th Dan) at headquarters in Kagoshima, Japan in 2019. Tom has earned multiple Great Britain titles in Kata, Kumite and Kobudo and has competed at two world championships in Taiwan (2015), and Japan (2019).  He will be competing again in 2023, as well undertaking a team leadership role.

Tom Sensei leads the Brighton dojo’s and is particularly skilled at Kumite.

Tom Sensei is committed to helping his students to grow into strong compassionate and respectful members of society. He has a strong sense of duty to his community as a Budoka.

Martin Hadden Sensei
Martin Hadden Sensei

Martin Hadden was inspired to start training as a result of supporting his son throughout his training and competitive career, culminating in the award of shodan. He commenced training in 2010, was awarded his shodan (1st Dan) in 2015 and nidan (2nd Dan) in 2019. Martin has competed in the world championships twice, in Taiwan (2015) and Japan (2019). Martin is a very keen Kumite practioner having won GB titles twice in the Adult division.
Martin is committed to teaching youngsters believing firmly in the value of developing self- discipline and confidence in today’s busy world.  He opened the Midhurst Dojo in November 2019.