Guiding Spirit
“Renshinkan Karate–do is the road to the formation of sound human beings”

It takes one’s whole life to master Karate-do, and acquire a sound spirit and body.
At the core of Renshinkan is a deep respect for human life.
As a fundamental requirement to ensure this respect for human life, Renshinkan insists on the use of protective gear during sparring. This enables students to practice realistic free fighting in a safe and respectful manner.
Karate do is not merely a sport focusing on competition and winning. It is a serious art whose application is meant for life and death struggle; to save a life. Its use is also internal development of the human spirit and such provides ‘the way’ to get on in the world.

Do not be harmed by others, and do no harm to others. This principle is the origin of karate-do. Renshinkan Karate-do is a self-defense technique that focusses on the principle that ‘flexibility overcomes stiffness’. The complete sparring techniques of Renshinkan must not be used for violence without justice.

Karate-do is health management method based on following natural law;
A sound body is the basic element required to cultivate a sound spirit.
Renshinkan Karate-do is to know truth with the body, and the way to cultivate and refine the imperturbable self.

To master the Karate-do is the same as to know truth. Even though life or society may change, one who knows truth will never loose oneself.

Through Karate-do, esteem respect, harmonize with others, and, in friendly competition, learn nobility and how to live nobly as human being.
To live correctly, (‘the right’ way) for others, is the basic requirement of a sound society, and this is the eternal challenge and wish for human kind.
To lead a peaceful society into the right path, we need to start with a spirit of gratitude and thankfulness and reject the ego and selfish thought and action.

Every action which is expressed in the performance of Kata has enchanted beauty that is expressed as calmness, pause, and movement.
Kata is inhabited by one’s spirit once it is honed by a desire to practice and improve every day. Beauty that is expressed with the spirit far surpasses anything that is only expressed with the mind and the body.

After the World War II, the founder Isamu Tamotsu decided to form human-beings through Bu-do, and founded Renshinkan because he grieved the desolation of people’s mind and spirit.
He determined that; “to form sound human-beings is the basis for the development of a sound society.” This is the ideal of Renshinkan Karate-do, which supports the hopes and dreams of young people, and is handed down from generation to generation.

“Formation of sound human-beings builds sound society”
Shorinjiryu Karate-do Federation Renshinkan
Founder Isamu Tamotsu